C scholar--Jimmy Chen
In my opinion, because of these functions.People can totally make every gams which they prefer to
play. So I'm going to use gaming way to teach      you how to coding.

App is pretty important for        coding also


         TextWrangler (for mac)

                   VC(For windows)
Before you learning coding, you should know what is coding, why people need to coding, what is the function of it.
So let me answer you these questions for you, The "coding", or as I will refer to it, language, is how you speak to a computer. You are telling the computer what to do. Now, when you actually know how to use it, that will mean that you know not only how to speak, but the most efficient way to speak. Computers work in a literal, rational environment. So, you can tell a computer to do 1 thing, and tell it do that one thing again, and tell it again...or you can tell it to do that one thing 3 times, or you can tell it to keep doing it while a condition is true...etc etc etc...
Coding is not easy
If you would like to do more practice
You will be phenomenal